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JRiver Media Center v17.0.71 + Patch Full Version

 JRiver Media Center v17.0.71 incl Patch Full Version

Software multimedia yang satu ini memang komplit sekali. selain tangguh dalam menangani file musik, video dan foto, software yang sudah akrab di kenal sebagai software media player ini juga memiliki fitur lain di antaranya JRiver Media Center support dengan podcast, covert art downloader, file manager, playlist, plugin, CD dan DVD burner, Rip Disc dan masih banyak fitur yang lainnya.


New Features
  • Carnac — auto-tagging engine that fills in missing information about files by using the filename, codec, and other known information
  • DSD bitstreaming over ASIO
  • File system manager that better handles connecting to mapped network drives, detecting missing UNC paths, and more
  • Theater View television guide browsing improvements (grid-style view, search, backdrops from TheTVDB, etc.)
  • Blu-ray title selection
  • Improved DVB TV scanning
  • Gapless iTunes encoded MP3 playback
  • Expression language improvements (IfElse(…), etc.)
  • DVD playback over Library Server
  • Image orientation field
  • Improved search so that it views more fields and gives better suggestions
  • Faster loading of the database
  • Commercial skipping
  • Television program guide view backdrops in Theater View

Changes in JRiver Media Center 17.0.71 (20/01/2012):

  • Fixed: YouTube playback was not working.
  • Changed: Disabling of the screensaver / monitor power while playing a video is more reliable.
  • Fixed: Grouping of Duration or other decimal number fields in views could give unpredictable results.
  • Fixed: The search box was disabled on the Scheduler > Play task page.
  • NEW: Deleting the last item in a Theater View list will automatically go back a level instead of showing an empty list.
  • Fixed: After deleting all items in a Theater View category, and then going back, the category would remain until leaving and reentering the view.
  • Changed: Starting video playback won’t show cover art or ‘Opening…’ if the video starts in a few seconds.
  • NEW: Allow a DLNA player zone to associate with a particular DLNA server (right-click on the zone->Associate with DLNA server). If not set, MC defaults to the old behavior (first in the server list).
  • Fixed: Remove DSP and Playback options from DLNA zones (not applicable). 

Link download

Link: Tested by Koskomputer
Software: Tested by Koskomputer Work in Win XP SP 3 & Win7

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