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Avast Business Protection 6.0 With Activation Full Version

Avast Business Protection 6.0 With Activation Full Version - avast! kini telah meluncurkan produk terbaru yang disebut dengan Avast Business Protection dan Avast Business Protection Plus. Produk ini target adalah untuk usaha kecil dan menengah, yang dapat digunakan untuk penghapusan virus, mengamankan data, memonitor jaringan, dll.
avast! Business Protection adalah alat yang sangat efisien mana setiap usaha kecil dan menengah dapat digunakan untuk melindungi perusahaan mereka dari virus, malware, pencurian data dan banyak lagi.
Beberapa aspek dan fitur dari avast! Business Protection yang membuatnya begitu inovatif adalah sebagai berikut ini.

English Review:
avast! Standard suite is a cost effective solution that provides you with a solid antivirus protection for Windows-based servers and workstations (Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000/XP/2003).

It consists of the following components:

*avast! Professional Edition (or, avast! NetClient Edition for the use with ADNM) for the protection of Windows based workstations,
*avast! Server Edition (or, avast! NetServer Edition for the use with ADNM) for the protection of Microsoft Windows Servers, and
*avast! Distributed Network Manager (ADNM) for central administration.

Please note that the Standard Suite does not contain any protection of mail servers (such as Exchange or Linux MTA's). For a more complete solution, please consider the other avast! suite offerings - the Advanced and Enterprise Suites.

avast! Standard Suite is offered from 10 licenses (which covers up to 10 machines of which up to two are servers). Generally, the maximum number of servers is determined as a number of suite licenses, divided by ten, plus one. For example, a 24-license Standard Suite lets you cover up to 3 servers. A 100-license pack covers up to 11 servers, and so on.

avast! Standard Suite is distributed electronically. You will receive license file attached in the E-mail. Follow the steps described in received E-mail to activate avast! on your machines.

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